Wednesday, December 14, 2011

how much does a polar bear weigh?

Hospitals seem to be a recurring theme in my life this week. Spent half the day yesterday at St John of God as the maternal unit went for an x-ray. Turned out she had a slight fracture on her shoulder after she took a tumble :( and to add insult to injury, it is also her birthday today; happy birthday Ma! many loves for you!

Also, V is currently admitted for perhaps an appendicitis. This gave me the sads. I wish her a speedy recovery, but then again, she is a robot! and I'm pretty damn sure that she will punch this illness in the throat. Followed by making the said illness (let's give it a name shall we? we'll call this illness "Marquez"), Marquez' children watch as she feeds their father pieces of his own meat. RAWWRR!!

be strong dollface! it's no fun making fun of you when you're down :(

also, if you're bored; wear a dark hoodie and go scare some old people by looking at them in the eyes saying "it's time"

many loves for you too!


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