Wednesday, December 14, 2011

how much does a polar bear weigh?

Hospitals seem to be a recurring theme in my life this week. Spent half the day yesterday at St John of God as the maternal unit went for an x-ray. Turned out she had a slight fracture on her shoulder after she took a tumble :( and to add insult to injury, it is also her birthday today; happy birthday Ma! many loves for you!

Also, V is currently admitted for perhaps an appendicitis. This gave me the sads. I wish her a speedy recovery, but then again, she is a robot! and I'm pretty damn sure that she will punch this illness in the throat. Followed by making the said illness (let's give it a name shall we? we'll call this illness "Marquez"), Marquez' children watch as she feeds their father pieces of his own meat. RAWWRR!!

be strong dollface! it's no fun making fun of you when you're down :(

also, if you're bored; wear a dark hoodie and go scare some old people by looking at them in the eyes saying "it's time"

many loves for you too!

Monday, December 12, 2011

let's do this thing! RAWWWRR!!

So recently I fell in love. yeah I know right?! I never understood the notion of 'falling' into a state of affection, rather isn't it more of an act of 'transcending' into a state of affection? Pedanticness aside (yes I do realise the irony in killing the word pedantic by coining the term pedanticness, but you can't judge me!!) I realise that I am the socially awkward penguin. Coming from the internets, it is hard for me to describe or even express or let's face it basically communicate with her. However, throughout the whole day, everyday, all I want to do is let her know what I'm thinking about.
The awkward tendency to freeze, not knowing what to say when i call/message her tends to overwhelm me ever so often, so i guess, this will be the media of choice. Wherein I can and have always have the ability to express my thoughts freely, letting my fingers do what my mouth can't (hehe). Yes this semi-forgotten old blog that had always been a trusty companion for many years will finally serve a purpose again, hell I might even start chapter 4 of the Pasquel Rodriguez Chronicles.

V if you're reading this, I love you like a fat kid loves cake, and I fucking love cake.

edit: yes I know this is sappy as fuck compared to my older posts, but well... shut up! it's my blog and I can cry if I want to, cry if I want to.

Monday, May 09, 2011

creative juice and the lack of it

its been a while since i wrote for the sake of writing. it feels as though i no longer posses the creative juice i once had. no more inane, underhanded, cynical, sarcastic funnies that i tend to come up with back in the day. perhaps its with the advent or at least my realisation of the existence of memes that i can no longer think in text. lately i'd much rather relate my thoughts to the oversimplification justification of funny pictures with simple captions. i've lost it... i've lost my wit and i dont know whether or not the internet is to blame...

look! even the title of this post lacks any form of creativity.. i'm in my second paragraph and i still havent broken the fifth wall, what the fuck is wrong with me.

fuck it! you know what i really hate, when people dont finish trying to get their point across and they just leave you hanging

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"to err is human to arr is pirate" - unknown

its been too long, again i doubt my readership. 2010 is here, we are one step closer to having robots running our society and calling all the shots. i for one have already purchased my metal hats in respect of our metallic masters. idzaid likes snickers, cos he likes to have nuts in his mouth. however contrary to popular belief, our metallic masters are not evil, as they are often portrayed in popular media. i believe that they can run an even more awesome democracy than what we believe we have on our plates now.
oh well...
much love!

Friday, September 18, 2009

mr.anderson... i am disappoint

if you don't understand what the heading is all about, go ahead and google 'son i am disappoint', its been giving me the giggles for the last couple of days. one of the few things that actually made me giggle really. i tend to question myself as a human being, am i being a hypocrite to myself when i can smile and laugh in the presence of others, which in turn, makes them giggle and smirk, all the while, when i am alone, i fail to entertain myself ( ha ha masturbation innuendo.. farnee laaaa). seriously though, i hate being left alone with my thoughts. i tend to get rather paranoid, its almost painful.

why is it, in the presence of others, we want to be left alone, yet when left alone, we hope to dwell in the presence of others.. arent we just odd creatures.. i wish i can remember how to achieve zen in a state of loneliness.. i used to be very good at it, no really, thats how i roll!!!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

if you are me, then who am i? - samurai jack to his twin of evil incarnate

the whirring of the garage door calms the soul, brmmmmmmmmmmmmm... the door itself as if speaking to the people in the car "get out! get out while you still can! run i'll hold them off!"

i have no idea where i was going with that, but if i did, one day, i'll probably forget to tell you guys anyway. for the last couple of days i've been hearing narrations in my head, not the usual "dont eat that thing its covered in penicillin" or "dont hit that man, he's 75 years old and he has a cane... that can be a weapon, you can get seriously injured".. wait what do you call those again? oh yeah.. conscience.. no not that normal spoilsport created out of the sham that is morality, the voices that i hear are my normal thoughts only now that its tainted with a hint of gonzo style journalism.. for my friends who arent familiar with what gonzo style journalism is, feel free to wiki that right now, no its ok, i'll wait, i'll even put this nifty little page marker so you know where to pick up when you come back to this page, that is if you come back


back? found out what it is yet? good, very good my minions, you deserve a gold star.

this is not a very good post i know, but i never said i was a great writer.. shattap! life has been crap lately, theres not much going on.. ooh no wait, i can throw cards now, yeah right across the living room, cool right? yeah, now go tell your friends!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the glass is half full... the rest is pretty much your imagination

be like water... be zen, be at peace with yourself, be quiet for crying out loud! yeah this is prolly gonna be one of those soul searching post.. im not a big fan of it either, but we're both gonna have to ignore the elephant in the room and make the best of it yeah? now nod, smile, cos everything is gonna be A ok!

if you havent left with a bitter taste in your mouth wondering what the fuck the last paragraph was about, then i salute you herr or frau, i salute thee. i really do wish i would stop going into my blog unplanned. its like a booty call, it just happens.

emptiness is a pain. its only been like a week into my hols and im pretty much drained of whatever creativity i had left. i've been trying to continue with the pascal saga, but i keep hitting a wall. so much so that now the wall is threatening a lawsuit on my ass.. im going to see him in court on tuesday.. not the judiciary court, but the gay bar on william street... no one saw that coming huh.. man i still got it... muahahaha *sigh*

where does one draw the line? i mean, i tried waiting for love to come.. thats about as pointless as shaking a porcupine in hopes that its gonna snow tomorrow.. now im trying to put myself in the game.. which is almost as pointless as the last scenario but now the porcupine has a weather control device, the only thing thats stopping it from snowing tomorrow is the fact that porcupines dont speak english.. duh!!!

so communication is the problem yes? forgive me for the sudden narcissism, but i do get alot of "you're too nice" feedback from all the girls who are close to me.. what does that even mean?! what? do girls like it if i randomly poke them in the knees with a knitting needle? is it so wrong for me to open doors for you ladies and actually listen to you when you're talking? sometimes i wonder what im doing wrong.. hmmm...

i aint got the ugliest mug out there but i aint exactly pretty either, but man, i dont even know anymore, at times i wish i can just get into my space station, climb into my sleeping chamber and escape..


im pretty sure some of my guy friends out there are feeling the same way.. it hurts to be nice dont it?

no sympathy comments please, nonsensical ramblings will be treated positively